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We would like to express our thanks to all residents who are helping relatives and neighbours during these challenging times and hope you are able to continue to do so.

If you are in need of help or know someone who needs help or you would like to offer your assistance, please contact:

Life Central Church in partnership with Hagley Parish Council are able to help, please call 0121 501 3542 or email


Worcestershire Here2Help website ( which is the County website where anyone in Worcestershire can register if they are in need of support or would like to offer their help. BDC, RBC, BARN and others are working with colleagues at the County Council to try and help ensure co-ordination locally.


‘Support Bromsgrove’ – For anyone in need or would like to help across Bromsgrove District during this COVID-19 outbreak BARN (local volunteer centre) has set up this new website, working with local voluntary and community groups, including three local foodbanks. The telephone number and email address for anyone in need of support is linked to the Bromsgrove Community Support Facebook Group ( which has over 4000 members.

Corona Virus

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Telephone: 0121 501 3542 or email

If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19 or are in a particularly vulnerable category (i.e. elderly or with underlying health conditions), Lifecentral Church in partnership with Hagley parish Council can help with:

Picking-up shopping/prescriptions 
A phone call
Posting mail 
Pet support 
Other urgent supplies

Hagley Playing Fields Play Equipment

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The Playing fields are still open, however the younger children's play area, gym equipment, zip wire and swing and the skate park are currently closed.

Please doe not use any of this equipment.

Hagley Census

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A big THANK YOU to all the Hagley residents who participated with the Hagley Census 2020!

Over 1,000 households responded to the Census – a response rate of just over 40% which is fantastic!

The Neighbourhood Plan Group will get the data back to analyse in mid-March to help inform the neighbourhood plan. Watch this space for some of the headlines!

Cleaner domestic burning of solid fuels and wood

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DEFRA has released information regarding cleaner domestic burning of solid fuels and wood, following a consultation carried out in 2018. This BBC article provides an overview and the full consultation response is on the DEFRA website

This may well be generating some interest in your wards/parishes.  


Changes will mean:

  • Sales of bagged traditional house coal will be phased out by February 2021, and the sale of loose coal direct to customers will end by 2023
  • Sales of wet wood in small units (less than 2m3) will be phased out required to have a moisture content of 20% or less from February 2021. Small foresters have until February 2022 to become compliant. Wet wood in volumes greater than 2m3 will also have to be sold with advice on how to dry it before burning
  • Makers of solid fuels will also need to show they have a very low sulphur content and only emit a small amount of smoke.


It is not banning wood or coal burning stoves.


The reasons behind this legalisation and other advice around burning the right things in the right way is to reduce the risk of:

·         air pollution and associated health problems

·         carbon monoxide poisoning

·         chimney fires/house fires


Worcestershire Regulatory Services are responsible for providing technical support in respect of air quality in Bromsgrove and Redditch and have some links on their ‘Smokeless Zones’ page to useful information for anyone with a solid fuel appliance/wood burner, whether or not they are in a smokeless zone.


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Jubilee Gardens

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Jubilee Garden gets a much-needed makeover
In September last year, Life Central Church worked in collaboration with Hagley Parish Council to carry out a makeover of the long-neglected Jubilee Garden.

The Jubilee Garden, located on the Worcester Road (B4187) aka 'Hagley High Street', was originally established in 1977 by the local Gardening Club in celebration of Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee. It had become sadly neglected over a number of years but In May last year, HPC was contacted by Life Central Church who was offering volunteer time to carry out some works in the village to mark their 40th year anniversary, HPC accepted their offer and the Jubilee Garden was identified as a suitable area and the makeover was planned. Webbs Garden Centre of Hagley kindly donated over £100 worth of perennial plants and shrubs with HPC and other individuals making other financial contributions. Now the garden is re-established with some beautiful bee-loving plants and shrubs that are fairly low maintenance and will be a pleasure to behold for many years to come.

Police update

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Police report given by PCSO Ryan East, at HPC meeting on 16/12/19.


Sage advice to residents for the winter months


1.       Ensure all valuables are removed from vehicles and that you LOCK YOUR CAR. The police are called to many car break-in’s where valuables are left out and cars are not locked.

2.       DON’T leave your car ticking over & ‘warming up’ on these cold and frosty mornings! Opportunistic thieves will take advantage of the un-occupied vehicle. The police are patrolling from 5am during these winter months; if your car is seen ‘running and unoccupied’, the keys will be removed and taken to Rubery police station where you will be required to go to collect them. Also, please note, there is no insurance cover if your car is stolen under these circumstances.

3.       Although burglaries have reduced of late in the area, there tends to be an increase over the Christmas/New Year period due to presents being visible and houses left dark with no-one home. Please ensure you leave a light on, on a timer if possible, and an alarm set.

4.       Do not leave boxes that contained Christmas presents outside for all to see the catalogue of presents you have received. Break up the boxes and put them in your recycling bin.

5.       Scammers – fraudulent telephone calls are on the increase again, from scammers claiming to be from HMRC and the Police. Report this to Action Fraud on 0330 123 2040 Monday to Fri 8am to 8pm. For all other scams call Citizens Advice Bureau for where to go, on 03444 111 444 or go on line to for other scammer reporting. The National Crime Agency deal with scammers on a larger scale and residents can register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) on 0345 070 0707 or call your telephone service provider and register for the call blocking service. There are also call blocking facilities on mobile phones and your service provider can also help.


West Mercia Police – behind the scene



West Mercia Police are currently undertaking a recruitment drive for Hagley and Rubery SNT to achieve more coverage. Still resources are limited especially in the North of Worcestershire and in the more rural areas with resources being pulled more into the towns. This gives rise and more opportunity to offenders from Organised Crime Groups (OCG’s) in the neighbouring West Midlands area which represents the source of 99% of crime committed in our local area.


There is close collaboration between Constabularies of West Mercia and West Midland’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and officers looking at criminal ring operations. The last operation in Hagley saw 4 males arrested and charged for burglaries.


Shop theft

Crime in shops will increase over the Christmas period, due to poverty. The Co-Op do have good CCTV and criminals are reported on the constabularies ‘Wanted’ galleries but cannot be publicised whilst investigations are taking place.


Stop & Search powers

Stop & Search (S&S) powers have reduced since government changed the law in 2010. They are now tight and stringent and must only be carried out on reasonable grounds. Every S&S carried out by police officers gets scrutinised and a police officer can be suspended and the case investigated for one mistake of S&S.



Community speed watch are working with Cllr Colella to reduce speeding on the Birmingham Road (A456) aka Hagley Hill.


Hagley Playing Fields

The area is monitored by the police when resources allow. The officers try to chat to the youths and identify the troublesome ones and target the ring-leaders. The area did quieten down over the summer months and the work is on-going.


Haybridge High School work closely with the school in notifying them of any troublesome students so that the police can talk to them. The police are seeking to identify irresponsible cyclists and their first action would always be to educate them about the dangers.


Photographing of minors is not allowed unless there is a legitimate reason for doing so, i.e. for ID.  Imagery software is not used locally.


Reporting incidents to the Police

You should call 101 if you want to talk to your local police officer, get crime prevention advice, or report a crime that does not need an emergency response, for example:

  • if your car has been stolen
  • if your property has been damaged
  • if you suspect drug use or dealing
  • if you want to report a minor traffic collision
  • if you want to give the police information about crime in your area


                Always call 999 if:

  • someone is threatened or in danger.
  • a crime is happening
  • someone suspected of a crime is nearby
  • someone is injured


The PCSO and PC mobile telephone numbers put up on notice boards are NOT for reporting, but rather for If you have a query or want to chat something through. Ensure all incidents are reported first to 101.






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Q) Which Councillors are responsible for delivering the Pavilion project?

A) The Parish Council is collectively responsible for delivering the project. As with any other project, no individual Councillor has an active role in project managing the Pavilion scheme on a day to day basis which is why the Council employs external specialists to undertake this role, and any executive or scheme administration function is discharged via the Clerk’s Office. Councillors receive updates and reports either via the Clerk’s Office or direct from external advisers and makes decisions and seeks other advice as necessary.


Q)  Why was the contract procured in individual packages?

A)  HPC took advice from the lead architect on the recommendation of parcelled packages of work. 


Q) The budget has increased by £115k from £315k to £430k - where has this increase come from and who is going to pay? Is the funding from FF and Veolia secure?

A)  HPC has had two roofing and cladding contractors pull out, one after several months of negotiation and before signing a contract and one after signing. This has caused delays as well as increased material costs partly due to the re-evaluation of the roofing specifications. HPC has met with the newly proposed roofing and cladding contractor and this revised budget is up-to-date and estimated to finish the build, although the costs for the internal fit are not based on up-to-date quotes. HPC are ready to instruct the new contractor with the aim to have a sealed, wind and water tight building by the end of this year and then to finish internals during the next financial year, all subject to imminent confirmation from the FF that they commit to support the project over this and the next financial year. The £430k is an estimated full outturn cost and HPC has yet to set a revised budget from the original £315k.


Q) With the risk of further delays and escalating costs, where will the funds come from?

A) Reserves will recover in the next financial year. There are also some finishes within the build that can be delayed and will not hinder the use of the facility.


Q) Would HPC be willing to reconsider any aspect of cost-saving re-design, particularly of the complex roof, if recommended by the new architect/contractor? Any savings could be put towards maintenance.

A) Yes, if there is an opportunity to redefine costs, HPC will consider this if the cost saving is significant enough.  The internal specification of the building has to meet the FF criteria. In terms of maintenance, this will be minimal in the initial year due to it being a new build whilst the cost of vandalism has spiralled due a number of acts of ASB in the playing field.  The Police have been asked to make regular visits to the playing fields to tackle this current problem.  Ultimately new digital CCTV surveillance systems will give a better response coverage of the fields and vandalism will be deterred by use of a dedicated CCTV cameras on the Pavilion.


Q) Is there any chance HPC can withdraw the residual funds down from the FF? 

A) HPC needs the FF to confirm their commitment over this and the next financial year before proceeding. HPC are committed to closing the building this year with internal fits in the next financial year. It was suggested to HPC by the FF that there may be the opportunity of obtaining further funding from them but this is currently with the FF Directors and HPC is waiting for their response of commitment to that already agreed so it can proceed with the build. If they are minded not to support the project any longer, then that this puts HPC in a difficult situation. The reserves currently stand at £184k of which £60k is already allocated to the Pavilion as part of the £160k originally agreed. To complete the building this year a further £100k would be needed.


Q) Why didn't HPC use the Football Foundation's framework and matrix for establishing the project's sustainability? 

A) There was no mention of a 'framework' to HPC by the FF.


Q) In light of taking the project forward with damage limitation, have the right inspections and certifications been carried out on the previous contractors (independent of the architect) and will references and financial checks be carried out on any future contractor appointments?

A)  Inspections and certifications of previous contractor’s work falls under the role of the project architect – HPC will ensure these are in place. In terms of any future contractors appointments the appropriate checks will be made.


Q) A lot of money has been spent on this 'boys only' facility when the money could have been invested in the preferred Community Centre - a facility available for all. Will the building be available for general use and when?

A) Football is a sport increasingly engaged in by girls as we’ve seen on the enormous success of the current Woman’s World Cup as well as older people and with extra demands from current and future housing developments in Hagley, it is expedient to have this facility and the capacity for our children and community needs. It will be a community use facility with changing rooms. It will be available for hire by other sports teams although HPC does need to remain committed to the fixtures of the football club as part of the conditions of the FF grant. There is a meeting room which will be available for hire by community groups and can be used for HPC meetings as well potentially cutting annual rental costs for HPC when the lease on 74a Worcester Rd expires in 2021. The FF would not make a grant towards the community centre and the community centre did not have formal plans prepared at the time. Parking for the Pavilion will be on the shopper's car park.


Q) When will the new architect and design & build contractor be on board and has the contract with the old architect been cancelled?

A) HPC is currently in dispute with the outgoing architect and HPC is actively seeking a number of avenues to resolve this. Under the RIBA code of conduct a new architect cannot be appointed until the contract with the existing architect is legally dissolved. 


Q) Is there a revenue budget for the Pavilion?

A) There is no formal revenue budget built into the overall 2019/20 accounts. This is due to the fact that the project is all Capital costs until it is completed.  There will be a revenue budget prepared based on the income stream from the regular use of the football club and from the hire of the facility against the general running costs of the building; but a schedule of rates has not yet been drawn up. It is HPC's intention to make a surplus from this facility.



Q) Why don’t HPC give regular updates on the Pavilion?

A) The Pavilion has been a regular item on the agenda for 2 years. Updates are given at each meeting. Substantive items are added to the agenda where there is a discussion and decision required by council. The minutes are then available via the HPC website, the library and the HPC office.


If you have any further questions, please contact the clerk at The clerk will endeavour to answer any questions as soon as possible but any responses will be managed around current workloads.

If you have a Freedom of Information request this should be submitted as such to . You will receive a response within 20 working days.


Hagley Pavilion

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HPC is pleased to be able to publish an update on the progress of the Community Pavilion Project. 

At an Extraordinary Meeting held on Monday 18th March 2019, it was agreed to engage a new architect and appoint a replacement roofing and cladding contractor who can fulfil the next stage of the re-build project. Hagley Parish Council has previously informed residents and stakeholders that it had sought legal advice on a number of aspects of the contract.  This advice has now been received and acted upon.  There remains some further actions which are being pursued through the Council’s legal adviser and will be followed up in due course.    

Members of the Parish Council appreciate that the delays have caused a great deal of concern and inconvenience and would like to reinforce that the Parish Council, as well as our funding bodies are doing all we possibly can to get this community project finished as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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