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Police update

posted 8 Jan 2020, 00:40 by Clerk

Police report given by PCSO Ryan East, at HPC meeting on 16/12/19.


Sage advice to residents for the winter months


1.       Ensure all valuables are removed from vehicles and that you LOCK YOUR CAR. The police are called to many car break-in’s where valuables are left out and cars are not locked.

2.       DON’T leave your car ticking over & ‘warming up’ on these cold and frosty mornings! Opportunistic thieves will take advantage of the un-occupied vehicle. The police are patrolling from 5am during these winter months; if your car is seen ‘running and unoccupied’, the keys will be removed and taken to Rubery police station where you will be required to go to collect them. Also, please note, there is no insurance cover if your car is stolen under these circumstances.

3.       Although burglaries have reduced of late in the area, there tends to be an increase over the Christmas/New Year period due to presents being visible and houses left dark with no-one home. Please ensure you leave a light on, on a timer if possible, and an alarm set.

4.       Do not leave boxes that contained Christmas presents outside for all to see the catalogue of presents you have received. Break up the boxes and put them in your recycling bin.

5.       Scammers – fraudulent telephone calls are on the increase again, from scammers claiming to be from HMRC and the Police. Report this to Action Fraud on 0330 123 2040 Monday to Fri 8am to 8pm. For all other scams call Citizens Advice Bureau for where to go, on 03444 111 444 or go on line to for other scammer reporting. The National Crime Agency deal with scammers on a larger scale and residents can register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) on 0345 070 0707 or call your telephone service provider and register for the call blocking service. There are also call blocking facilities on mobile phones and your service provider can also help.


West Mercia Police – behind the scene



West Mercia Police are currently undertaking a recruitment drive for Hagley and Rubery SNT to achieve more coverage. Still resources are limited especially in the North of Worcestershire and in the more rural areas with resources being pulled more into the towns. This gives rise and more opportunity to offenders from Organised Crime Groups (OCG’s) in the neighbouring West Midlands area which represents the source of 99% of crime committed in our local area.


There is close collaboration between Constabularies of West Mercia and West Midland’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and officers looking at criminal ring operations. The last operation in Hagley saw 4 males arrested and charged for burglaries.


Shop theft

Crime in shops will increase over the Christmas period, due to poverty. The Co-Op do have good CCTV and criminals are reported on the constabularies ‘Wanted’ galleries but cannot be publicised whilst investigations are taking place.


Stop & Search powers

Stop & Search (S&S) powers have reduced since government changed the law in 2010. They are now tight and stringent and must only be carried out on reasonable grounds. Every S&S carried out by police officers gets scrutinised and a police officer can be suspended and the case investigated for one mistake of S&S.



Community speed watch are working with Cllr Colella to reduce speeding on the Birmingham Road (A456) aka Hagley Hill.


Hagley Playing Fields

The area is monitored by the police when resources allow. The officers try to chat to the youths and identify the troublesome ones and target the ring-leaders. The area did quieten down over the summer months and the work is on-going.


Haybridge High School work closely with the school in notifying them of any troublesome students so that the police can talk to them. The police are seeking to identify irresponsible cyclists and their first action would always be to educate them about the dangers.


Photographing of minors is not allowed unless there is a legitimate reason for doing so, i.e. for ID.  Imagery software is not used locally.


Reporting incidents to the Police

You should call 101 if you want to talk to your local police officer, get crime prevention advice, or report a crime that does not need an emergency response, for example:

  • if your car has been stolen
  • if your property has been damaged
  • if you suspect drug use or dealing
  • if you want to report a minor traffic collision
  • if you want to give the police information about crime in your area


                Always call 999 if:

  • someone is threatened or in danger.
  • a crime is happening
  • someone suspected of a crime is nearby
  • someone is injured


The PCSO and PC mobile telephone numbers put up on notice boards are NOT for reporting, but rather for If you have a query or want to chat something through. Ensure all incidents are reported first to 101.