Chairman's Welcome

I have been reminded to update the Chairman's welcome.  I have done this with pleasure and I aim to update it much more frequently!

Anyone reading the reports in the local press and various Parish Council updates in the Village News will see that I'm very often reflecting on major achievements and significant milestones.  When I first wrote the chairman's welcome, I wrote about welcoming you to a new Parish Council website; I now write welcoming nearly 500 households, formally part of Clent Parish Council but within Hagley Parish to Hagley Parish Council.  HPC are pleased that we've seen the introduction of a dial-a-ride service in Hagley and how it's helped the less mobile to get out and about and help tackle isolation - a characteristic of growing old and living alone.

Being Chairman of Hagley Parish Council is a great honour and it gives me a great deal of pride to be able to represent a group of very talented and dedicated parish councillors who work tirelessly for the good of Hagley.  Without this group and competently kept in line by the Clerks we wouldn't be where we are today.

We've made our position clear to form the 'Safer Roads for Hagley' campaign where we intend to hold Worcestershire County Council  Highways Department to account until we have a safe and satisfactory conclusion to the many highways issues in and around Hagley.

We are pleased to have been able to secure the immediate future of the Library and keep the service operating in its current location; the playing fields is seeing some significant investment and as part of the upgrade and introduction of play equipment for the older youths we are stepping closer each week to the replacement of the old concrete block which supposed to be a changing room with a modern building which we plan to attract a wider community  use of the playing fields for more activities where residents can keep fit and active.

Much of our work goes unnoticed in support of particular groups of residents; two such groups are related to sewer flooding and Air Quality.  Both groups have an advantage by being hosted by the parish council and is given particular credence in being able to encourage other statutory bodies to 'get around the table' to resolve these problems.

Finally, we're here to give local people a strong voice and we'll do our best to make sure you're heard.  Contact is welcomed and visits to our fortnightly meeting will give greater insight to the workings of Hagley Parish Council.

I hope my updated chairman's welcome has been worth the wait, in the meantime watch this space for more timely updates.


Steve Colella, Chairman of Hagley Parish Council